गांव का कायाकल्प

Village Rejuvenation

Our commitment to eradicating poverty starts at the grassroots level. Through strategic partnerships with PRIs, we implement comprehensive programs that empower villagers with skills, resources, and opportunities to uplift themselves from poverty and create sustainable livelihoods. Through active collaboration and a people-centric approach, we are making strides toward creating empowered, resilient, and prosperous villages that are self-sufficient and aligned with the principles of good governance and the felt needs of the local communities.

Concept taken from MoRD, GoI

What We Do?

CAPACITY BUILDING AND TRAINING, which addresses the issues of local governance & localisation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Budgeting & Planning for Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP), Village Poverty Reduction Plan (VPRP), Mission Antyodaya.

Convergence and Collaboration with different ministries, departments, institutions, NGOs, CSO and communities.

Research and Policy formulation for rural India with reference to Local Self Governance (PRIs).

Creating a pool of grassroots leaders who can develop their governance and policy skills, communication, public speaking, leadership, team building and building a network with senior politicians, bureaucrats and experts.

9 Theme

Poverty Free Village

Healthy Village

Child-Friendly Village

Water Sufficient Village

Clean and Green Village

Village with Self-Sufficient Infrastructure

Socially Secured Villages

Village with Good Governance

Women Friendly Village